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There are significant differences between nations in terms of the rules governing cannabis use.

ZilliWeed complies with UK law, which states that while novelty cannabis seeds can be sold lawfully, the moment cannabis seeds begin to sprout and grow in the UK (without a Home Office License), it is against the law. Cannabis is classified as a Class B drug in the UK; for additional details on its legal status there, see www.release.org.uk.

Cannabis is a schedule 1 drug, class B. It is prohibited to possess, distribute, or manufacture this substance. Regarding cannabis possession arrests, specific police policies exist. (In January 2009, cannabis was downgraded to a Class B substance.) The maximum penalty for possession is five years in prison and a fine. Maximum punishment for trafficking offences is 14 years in jail and a fine.

Any shipping-related complaints will only be taken care of if they are sent back to Zilli Weed within 30 days of the products’ delivery and include a thorough explanation of the type and severity of the relevant issue. Once this time limit has passed, the delivered goods are taken to have been accepted unconditionally and judged to be satisfactory.

Overseas customers, please note:

ZilliWeed urges you to abide by all national and international rules pertaining to the acquisition of cannabis seeds. Before placing a purchase from www.zilliweed.com, please make sure to check the legislation in your country. It is against the law to have, distribute, or germinate cannabis seeds in several nations. You certify that you are abiding by local regulations by placing an order from www.weedworld.co.uk and that you accept full responsibility for any transactions made.

ZilliWeed cannot guarantee that the items you order won’t be seized by customs. Weed World sadly won’t be in a position to refund payments or necessary resend the confiscated goods if, in the unlikely event that this should happen.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time, according to ZilliWeed. Such revisions shall take effect right away after they are posted along with the new Terms and Conditions.